Pre sales consultant profile and description

The job of a pre sales consultant is to ensure that the products of a company are well received in the market. They conduct market research, study the competitor’s strategies and evaluate other products in the market with the product of the company in order to determine the correct sales strategy for it.

Pre sales consultant duties and responsibilities

The duty of a pre sales consultant is to handle the marketing strategy of a product before its sales begin. The duties and responsibilities of a pre sales consultant are:

  • Studying the market situation and predicting the future trends
  • Formulating sales strategy for the product
  • Confer with the product development department of the company to understand the technicalities of the product and discuss its requirements based on market research
  • May include training pre-sales employees
  • Develop marketing models and strategies for promotion of the product
  • Study the competitor’s product and evaluate the company’s product
  • Deciding upon the price of the product based on the market research
  • Apply software and tools to generate sales models

Pre sales consultant skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a pre sales consultant are:

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to judge the trends of the market
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Excellent sales and marketing acumen
  • Excellent decision making skills
  • Strong knowledge about sales and management
  • A strong knowledge about the software applications and tools used in pre sales
  • Ability to constantly upgrade one’s skills and learn new applications in the market

Pre sales consultant education and qualification

The skills and specifications of a pre sales consultant are:

  • A four years bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing
  • Master’s degree is essential for senior sales position

Pre sales consultants salary

The average salary of a pre sales consultant is $10,000 per year.