Real estate consultant profile and description

The job of a real estate consultant is to provide buyers with a house that suits their requirements. However, there is a difference between real estate consultant and a real estate agent. While a real estate agent focuses his efforts on selling houses and closing deals, a real estate consultant offers a greater range of services. Real estate consultants deal with residential and commercial real estate.

Real estate consultant duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a real estate consultant include not only selling the property to buyers but following up with help and recommendations in renovation works. In short, a real estate consultant takes care of both sale and decors of the house. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a real estate consultant are:

  • Interacting with clients and understanding their requirements
  • Providing legal support to clients like preparation of ownership deeds and arrangement of loans
  • Arrange properties to display for prospective buyers
  • Scheduling appointments with clients and showing them the properties that meet their requirements
  • Arranging mortgage service providers for buyers
  • Arranging for renovations and other services that the buyer may require
  • Evaluate and examine the contract papers and ensure that everything is in order

Real estate consultant skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of real estate consultant are:

  • A strong knowledge about the local region and its real estate statistics
  • A strong knowledge about the legal formalities of selling real estate
  • Awareness about the best home services in the region for renovation works and other repairs
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills

Real estate consultant education and qualification

As of now, a certified course is unavailable for the job of a real estate consultant although a college degree helps in better future prospects.

Real estate consultants salary

The remunerations of a real estate consultant are decided between the consultant and buyer. The charge may be either on an hourly basis or a percentage on cost of the house. Average salary for real estate consultants salary jobs is $44,000.