Property Consultant Job Profile and Description

A property consultant shares his expertise on the real estate world and gives to the client, helping him to select the best property depending on his needs and budget. Consulting involves technical competency, thoughtful analysis and critical inquiry. The consultant serves as a link and helps the client make informed, economically viable choices.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Property consultants scan the property market and keep a lookout for both old and new assets
  • They must monitor the performance of their agents and see to it that they are following the legal business practices or not
  • They must be up to date on financial services industry, specifically within the real estate or property management field, new legislation, government policies etc
  • They need to develop and maintain effective, productive relationships with legal professionals and also other consultants
  • They need to actively participate in projects, manage a team and make sure that deadlines are met
  • They must also use their expertise to resolve financially challenged real estate assets by returning them to acceptable standards, thus potentially enhancing property values
  • They must ensure that all the deals comply with insurance, regulator’s guidelines, and environmental requirements

Skills and Specifications

  • Property consultants need to have exceptional communication and negotiation skills
  • They must be have a high level of analytical and quantitative skills too
  • They need to have good interpersonal and networking skills and should interact with a large number of people on the field
  • Time management and prioritization skills are needed
  • They must also have effective relationship management skills

Education and Qualifications

Those interested in this field need a Bachelors degree in business administration, accounting, real estate or related discipline. Experience in residential real estate property management and an in-depth understanding of real estate value is helpful too.