Technical consultant Job Profile and Description

Technical consultants are skilled staff particularly in the field of science or engineering and share their expertise in scientific or engineering projects. Technical consulting firms employ engineers, scientists, skilled technicians etc who give advice to the clients on their technical needs and infrastructure. They usually work on particular projects and have specific areas of specialisation and are consulted by clients helping them to fulfil their IT requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Technical consultants may have to conduct training programmes and educate others on the basic technical details
  • They act as user support and help in case of any trouble shooting
  • They are responsible for the development of test plans, various program specifications and the documentation for software modules
  • They are also in charge of testing and issue solutions for custom software projects
  • They must solve any queries by the user or the customer
  • They need to submit reports of the day to day activities to the team leader
  • They have to directly interact with clients and may have to handle multiple projects

Skills and Specifications

  • Technical consultants need to have strong interpersonal skills and must work in a team
  • They must possess strong technical, quantitative, and analytical skills
  • They need to have strong written and oral communication skills in English
  • They need to coordinate with IT team members and end users
  • They must be well-organized, flexible, proactive, and give attention to details
  • They must know all the technical details and must be able to explain it to users in a lucid manner

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, computers or any specialised field is necessary for this job. As it is a skilled labour job, one needs to the required qualifications and experience to work in this field. For senior positions, a master’s degree may be helpful too.