Sample CCNA Job Profile and Description

CCNA professionals are those who are the prestigious holders of the renowned certification which is provided by Cisco. The sample CCNA professionals deliver network analysis and accurate characterization of the IT services pertaining to the organization. They have the ability of installing, configuring, operating, testing all types of networks. The Sample CCNAs can even extend their career in networking and they mostly function as a network manager, network designer, network administrator and other types of networking jobs.

Sample CCNA Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing and taking care of the operation and maintenance of the equipments of CISCO belonging to the organization where the Sample CCNA consultant is working.
  • Working as a lead or as a part of the networking team of the company in order to carry out the set of duties that are assigned and allotted to the team.
  • Maintaining and handling of different routers, servers, firewall, AD, SQL, vpn, security appliances etc in order to offer the required desktop support.
  • Taking care of all the problems of configuration related to vlans and protocol.
  • Dealing with all types of trouble shooting.

Sample CCNA Skills and Specifications

  • WAN/LAN administration.
  • IT expertise.
  • Confidence and persistence.
  • Good logical sense.
  • Good grasp over every aspect related to networking.
  • Technical skills.
  • Good analytical skills.

Sample CCNA Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Electronics etc is the basic criteria needed to get good CCNA job.
  • A diploma in similar subjects might do but then the job would not be as lucrative as that of the jobs received after doing a Bachelor degree.

Sample CCNA Salary

The salary of the Sample CCNA professionals is quite high but then it varies from one organization to the other organization. The average salary of the Sample CCNA is $42,656 – $87,595 and it keeps on increasing with growing in experience.