Senior manager IT job description and profile

A senior IT manager applies his skills and qualifications to ensure that various IT related operations of the company such as telephony, hardware and software, network connections, help desk functions and asset management are taking place smoothly. Another major function of the senior manager IT is to ensure security of all IT related systems. He plays a major role in administration, planning and management functions of IT department, along with providing technical services. The salaries of senior IT managers are often in six figures.

Senior manager IT duties and responsibilities

  • Ensuring that all the IT requirements of the company are met and that the existing systems are functioning optimally
  • In case new equipment is required, recommend the best systems to the management
  • Planning budgets of the IT department so as to keep it within constraints of the company
  • Formulating strategies and planning development
  • Oversee IT budget all through the year
  • May have to visit various offices of the company, within the country and abroad, and ensure the smooth functioning of IT
  • Estimating the future needs of the company and planning IT infrastructure development accordingly
  • Ensuring that quality and standards are maintained in IT operations
  • Ensuring high quality performance of employees
  • Reviewing performance reports every year and ensuring organized documentation

Senior manager IT skills and specification

  • Strong IT knowledge along with managerial capabilities and efficient planning skills
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Good leadership qualities
  • Good decision making and troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent observation and analytical skills
  • Strong financial planning and management skills
  • Good time management skills

Senior manager IT education and qualification

  • Master’s degree in IT or computer science is very much preferred and helps in quick career growth
  • At least 5 to10 years experience in IT development is essential

Senior manager IT salary

  • Salary ranges between $90,000 and $160,000 with median salary being $131,000 per annum