Sample SAP CRM Job Profile and Description

The SAP CRM works under the direction of both the Director and the Applications Developer for carrying out the review, approval and monitoring of the technical designs. His main task is to improvise the successful applications of the SAP CRM type. The other duties of sample SAP CRM include reviewing, proposing, and approving the technical designs.

Sample SAP CRM Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leading and driving the team in carrying out the technical designing the customer facing systems specially which are based on SAP CRM.
  • Working directly with the Partner of SI/SO for reviewing and approving the technical designs.
  • Actively researching and recommending the substitute designs whenever it is necessary.
  • Working with functional team in order to make it sure that their technical designs meet the necessary requirements.
  • Facilitating the issue resolution whenever the process of testing and implementing is carried out.
  • Designing the technical details of the SAP B2B enhancements of post-implementation type.

Sample SAP CRM Skills and Specifications

  • Great experience in both SAP CRM sales and marketing
  • Good amount of knowledge in the field of application design
  • Excellent knowledge of the CRM Service module
  • Deep knowledge in the field of SAP CRM utilities
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Superior organizational skills along with good sense of responsibility

Sample SAP CRM Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in the subject of Computer Science is highly imperative.
  • Good amount of knowledge in SAP CRM and marketing through some diploma course work is extremely vital.

Sample SAP CRM Salary

SAP CRM is quite a coveted module in the market hence the average salary is quite high which is about $79,000. However, the salaries can vary depending on the nature of the industry they work in and the experience as well as skill that the professional possesses.