Sample MCSE Job and profile Description

The MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer gets to hold this position when the individual obtains the prestigious certificate from Microsoft. The Sample MCSE has to deal with Microsoft and possess a great understanding of the Microsoft products. MCSEs main duties include configuring the computer on network and also offering support to end-user performance. Apart from the general duties, they perform many specific tasks that depend on the type of company they work for.

Sample MCSE Duties and Responsibilities

  • Installing and maintaining of networks, hardware and software.
  • Securing the different systems against the problem of virus
  • Securing the systems from against the attack of the hackers
  • Managing the system protocols and also the back-ups
  • Solving the server, hardware and software concerning problems
  • Staying aware of the problems in the networks and also making it sure that the system does not face the problem again in the future.
  • Maintaining the configuration of the network equipments and services.

Sample MCSE Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent knowledge about the domain servers
  • Good amount of knowledge in the installation and operation of a system.
  • Ability to work with different types of operating systems
  • Ability to work on the security of systems
  • Good communications skills
  • Great analytical abilities

Sample MCSE Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Computer Science, Electronics, and Electrical etc is the basic criteria needed to get good MCSE job.
  • One-year experience in designing and installing of the systems which tend to be troubleshooting.

Sample MCSE Salary

The salary of Sample MCSE can vary to a great extent and it depends on the type of company the person works in. However, their average salary is of $76,974 and it increases with increase in the experience of the professional.