Administration Job Profile And Description

Administration is a department in every organisation where one or a group of employees work together to run the various clerical and administrative duties of the place which is required for the smooth functioning of the organisation. Every organisation, be it a company, educational institute, recreational facility, health care unit etc offers some services or products to the general public but besides that they also have to do a lot of paperwork related to the employees, the records of the company etc. The duties and responsibilities of the administration jobs vary according to the sector and what role a person has applied for. But the primary responsibility is to ensure that the organisation is run smoothly and there is coordination among all the departments.

Administration Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an administrator will involve:

  • Provide administrative support to the employees and keep a record of all their information in a confidential manner
  • Maintain their salary, leave and other records besides their performance and appraisal
  • If the company interacts with customers, then maintain their records or answer their queries
  • Set the budget of the place and make sure all the policies and laws are followed
  • Send and receive mail, correspond with the employees and keep track of office supplies

Administration Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an administrator include:

  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to be calm and take quick decisions

Administration Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an administrator are as follows:

  • A high school or bachelor’s degree in office administration depending on the post one can applied for
  • Basic computer knowledge

Administration Salary

The salary of an administrator can range from $40,000 for lower level employees and go over $120,000 for senior level employees, the median salary being around $72,000 per year.