Aerospace Engineer Job Profile and Description

An aerospace engineer has to design, develop, and present aerospace engineering goods such as rockets and helicopters, jet planes, missiles, military aircraft products, etc. The engineer is to work on various technologies that define aerospace designs and their advancements in sectors such as aviation, military and defense, etc. Often an aerospace engineer is required to design or implement the construction and operation of commercial air-transport and such vehicles.

The field of aerospace engineering does not only contain design and construction of vehicles, it also finds important application in establishing communication and networks across different regions and often across country borders; hence an aerospace engineer must have thorough knowledge and practical idea of all the underlying concepts.

Aerospace Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

An aerospace engineer is responsible for performing the following job duties:

  • The job of an aerospace engineer requires him to provide fresh ideas for developing effective aerospace designs and efficiently implement them into proper structural forms.
  • An aerospace engineer must be well aware of the technologies that rule the system and work on them to develop newer means of devices and vehicles of ariel nature.
  • Various inventions and newer strategies require the atmosphere as a medium and aerospace engineers are responsible for creating such designs in the best possible manner.
  • An aerospace engineer must be well aware of the instruments and techniques, and provide proper guidance to the team in some specific aerospace project.
  • Management skills must be exercised by aerospace engineers while conducting research work on some particular topic, with complete insight into the product and its control and navigation.

Aerospace Engineer Skills and Specification

The skills and specification to be possessed by an aerospace engineer include:

  • Deep insight into scientific aspects and aero-science
  • Logical, reasoning an analytical skills
  • Knowledge of related aspects such as mechanics, aeronautics, design of structures, aerodynamic study and thermodynamics, etc.

Aerospace Engineer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of an aerospace engineer are given below:

  • An undergraduate degree as well as specialization [Master’s] in aerospace engineering or relative areas of study.
  • A postgraduate degree is demanded by most employers in the present market of aerospace engineering.
  • Practical or on-the-job training is necessary; certification or licensure may be attained but not compulsory

Aerospace Engineer Salary

An aerospace engineer can earn an average of $54,000 – $93,000 annually.