Petroleum Engineer Career Profile and Description

The career as a petroleum engineer is very challenging and lucrative too. The general duties of a petroleum engineer are to review the drilling and production operations in order to ensure compliance with the state regulations, which governs the oil and gas operations.

The engineers ensure that all the operations are being conducted safely and take strict corrective actions against any type of unsafe practices. The petroleum engineer should have strong petro physical analysis skills and should also have thorough reservoir simulation knowledge.

Petroleum Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The general duties and responsibilities of a petroleum engineer are as follows:

  • Performing engineering evaluations of oil and gas properties of the different clients.
  • Reviewing the evaluations of the consultants.
  • Evaluating the customer operating information which includes the revenue and costs.
  • Keeping up to date information on the drilling activities, field performance and several oil and gas issues.
  • Keeping up to date information on the oil and gas prices.
  • Preparing administrative orders and recommendations for approval.
  • Developing new trends and technologies to be implemented in the oil and gas industry.
  • Monitoring of the production and economic performance.

Petroleum Engineer Skills and Specifications

The required skills for a petroleum engineer are:

  • The candidate should be proficient in reservoir engineering concepts and economic evaluation.
  • The candidate should be well versed with the economic modeling software.
  • The candidate should have a widespread geographic experience in the oil and gas industry.
  • The candidate should have a strong knowledge of oil and gas economic evaluation.
  • Should have sound knowledge in technical concepts such as pressure transient analysis, nodal analysis, material balance etc.
  • Should have a working knowledge of MS Office.
  • Should have strong analytical skills and organizational skills.
  • Should have excellent oral and written communication skills.

Petroleum Engineer Education and Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum engineering/ Reservoir engineering or related discipline preferred.
  • Certification course in petroleum evaluation software such as ARIES, PHDWin required.
  • Vocational training on Accounting and Finance course preferable.

Petroleum Engineer Salary

The average salary of petroleum engineers is approximately in the range of $125,000 to $169,000.