Horticulturist Job Profile and Description

A horticulturist does a host of things from breeding plants to genetic engineering to landscaping.

They work with different types of plants, crops and gardens on different levels. Few horticulturists work in fields, nurseries. They grow and cultivate plants while few work in laboratories and assist in classrooms in the capacity of a consultant. The level of work that horticulturists do depends on the kind of education and knowledge they have had. They help to improve the quality of foods by actually improvising on the plant retention power, their growth and nutrition. They also do nursery or greenhouse management. Their basic job is dedicated to cultivating, marketing and propagating ornamental plants. Later with the experience, few horticulturists also go on to becoming plant pathologists.

Horticulturist duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a horticulturist include:

  •  Maintenance of the nursery, greenhouse, plants and gardens
  • Landscaping of the garden or nursery
  • Cultivating gardens
  • Supervision of the staff and giving presentations
  • Cross-breeding of plants

 Horticulturist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required by a horticulturist involve:

  • Love for nature
  • Acquaintance with the principles of supervision
  • Sound knowledge of nursery management
  • Good knowledge of ornamental horticulture at different phases

Horticulturist Education and Qualification

Education and qualifications required for being a horticulturist include:

  • There isn’t any specific education required however one must understand plant anatomy
  • Sound knowledge in plant chemistry, biochemistry, physics and genetics.
  • Understanding of operating greenhouse and nursery
  • Creative landscape design knowledge
  • Propagation, maintenance and propagation of plants

Horticulturist Salary

On an average, a horticulturist with a bachelor’s degree earns an average of $28,000 – $40,000 per year. But again it differs based on the type of responsibilities, nature of job, location, region, experience and a host of other factors.