AutoCAD draftsman job description and profile

When engineers and architects prepare plans, they usually draw rough sketches, although with every minute detail mentioned in them. AutoCAD draftsman prepares the final copy of the blueprint by incorporating all the details in the rough sketch in a computerized drawing. They use the AutoCAD drawing software to prepare final plans. Drawings of multilevel buildings, machines, pipe systems, circuits and high rises can be very complicated and hence, the job of an AutoCAD draftsman requires very high observation and precision.

AutoCAD draftsman duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an AutoCAD draftsman are:

  • Studying the rough sketches and deciphering the specifications
  • Preparing drawing with high precisions and as per scale
  • Incorporating all details of the drawing
  • May have to assist senior draftsman is employed in entry level positions
  • Making the drawings in keeping with the standards and terms of the company
  • Will have to work in a team
  • Storing the drawings as a soft copy and storing the final blueprint in an organized manner
  • Senior AutoCAD draftsman may have to train juniors

AutoCAD draftsman skills and specifications

The skills and specifications for the job of an AutoCAD draftsman are:

  • Excellent knowledge about the AutoCAD software
  • Ability understand rough sketches
  • Good observation skills
  • Ability to follow orders
  • A reasonable knowledge about construction and designing principles so as to understand the drawings better
  • Ability to submit work in time
  • Ability to learn the basics of whichever drawing he or she is asked to make
  • Ability to work in a team and be a good team player

AutoCAD draftsman education and qualification

The education and qualification of an AutoCAD draftsman are:

  • A certification course in AutoCAD from a certified institute after a bachelor’s degree

AutoCAD draftsman salary

The salary of an AutoCAD draftsman ranges between $20,000 at the entry level and up to $80,000 for experienced draftsmen.