Subcontractor job profile and description

A subcontractor is the person who is contracted by a contractor and not directly by a company. When a contractor lands a big project and needs to outsource some parts of the project, then he uses the resources of a sub contractor. For example, a contractor who obtains a construction project may hire a subcontractor to do the plumbing and electrical fittings for the building. A subcontractor takes up the project and works on it independently.

Subcontractor duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a subcontractor are:

  • Understanding the requirements of the job
  • Draw up an estimate regarding the required workforce and resources
  • Gathering a work force to complete the job
  • Preparing estimates to submit to the contractor
  • Paying the workers and ensuring that they deliver good work
  • Ensuring that the project can be completed within the deadlines specified by the contractor
  • Dealing with the issues of the employees
  • Keep accurate records of the project in both technical detailing and financial terms
  • Supervise the job and conduct regular quality checks to ensure that the final product will be of high quality

Subcontractor skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a subcontractor are:

  • Sound knowledge regarding the specific fiend of work
  • Ability to understand blueprints and follow instructions
  • A sound knowledge about accounting and finance
  • Efficient work ethics
  • Must be organized and systematic in work
  • Ability to work well under pressure in order to deliver good work within the deadlines
  • Good communication, negotiation, leadership and managerial skills

Subcontractor education and qualification

A subcontractor can be a high school graduate with a vocational training in his field of work. On the job training forms a major portion of his training

Subcontractors salary

There is no fixed salary for a subcontractor. The remuneration is decided between the contractor and subcontractor. Average salary for subcontractor’s salary jobs is $61,000.