Carpet Installer Job Profile and Description

Commercial offices and most bedrooms in residential dwellings have carpeted floorings and this is where the professional Carpet Installer becomes indispensable.  They are trained to prepare bare flooring to be treated in preparation for installing the carpet materials of the client’s choice.  And with the right tools and installation procedures suitable to the carpet material, these carpet installations can often last for years of worry-free use.


Carpet Installer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspect bare floor surface to be carpeted and correct any imperfection that may cause uneven carpet wear or show through carpet.
  • Harness the prescribed hand tools such as drills, staple guns, rubber mallets and carpet knives in securing the carpet to the floor and stairs as well as knee kickers, carpet shears, wall trimmers, heat irons, loop pile cutters, and power stretchers.
  • Cut and trim carpet to size in order to fit along wall edges, openings, and projections; finish the edges with wall trimmer.
  • For wall to wall carpeting, join carpet sections and seam edges by sewing or by heat-taped seams.
  • For large office installations, obtain floor blueprint and plan carpet layout accordingly.
  • Take floor dimension measurements, calculate the area to be carpeted and prepare the amount of carpet material needed.

Carpet Installer Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent medical and physical health conditions.
  • Must have adequate comprehension skills to follow operational and safety regulations and instructions.


Carpet Installer Education and Qualification

  • A high school diploma is basic.
  • 2-3 years of experience in a related industry an advantage


Carpet Installer Salary

In 2009, the median hourly wage for Carpet Installers stood at $17.90 with the middle 50% earning between $13.11 and $25.63. The lowest 10% earned $10.23, and the topmost 10% earned $34.03.  The median hourly wage of carpet installers working for building finishing contractors was $18.25, while those working in home furnishing stores earned a median wage of $16.92.  Carpet installers are typically paid either hourly or by the number of yards of carpet installed.