Floor Installer and Layer Job Profile and Description

Floor Installers and Floor Layers install floor coverings such as linoleum, laminate, vinyl, cork, and rubber.  This is more for basic functional purposes to reduce noise or absorb shocks, rather than for aesthetics.  While they can install carpet, wood, ceramic, marble or granite tiles, that is not their responsibility.

Floor Installer and Layer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspect floor surfaces be covered to ensure the condition is even enough for smooth floor material installation.
  • Sand, scrape and clear floor irregularities to correct imperfections.
  • Apply adhesive compounds to floor or wall material to adhere and join foundation material.
  • Create smooth foundation by stapling Masonite or plywood over the floor or by brushing waterproof compound onto surface and filling cracks with plaster, putty, or grout to seal pores.
  • Obtain floor plans or perform measurements to get floor size and estimate covering materials and amount of glue and padding required.
  • Measure and but flooring laminate, linoleum, vinyl, cork or rubber to correspond to floor size and shape and fit around fixed obstructions.
  • Observe installation schedule as allowed by the contractor or client.
  • Ensure that covering material to be delivered at the site conformed to client specification.

Floor Installer and Layer Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent medical and physical health conditions.
  • Must have adequate comprehension skills to follow operational and safety regulations and instructions.


Floor Installer and Layer Education and Qualification

  • A high school diploma is basic.
  • 2-3 years of experience in a related industry an advantage


Floor Installer and Layer Salary

In 2008, the median hourly wage for Floor Installers and Layers stood at $17.50 with the middle 50% earning between $13.34 and $23.33. The lowest 10% earned $10.55, and the topmost 10% earned $30.84.  Wages vary according to flooring dealer or contractor as well as state location.