Technical Writing Job Profile and Description

A technical writer, as quite evitable from the job title, needs to write articles on technical issues. Technical writing includes preparing written documents with technical content in a clear and understandable pattern, such that it can be interpreted by the layman and non-technical people as much as by technical professionals.

The job of a technical writing professional is to produce such articles that contain every detail of the technical aspects of a certain project and frame them in a manner that can be clearly understood by end-users as well. The technical writing is to be edited or sent for proof-reading and formatting purposes to senior officials, who have to be equally aware of the technical prospects. A career in technical writing guarantees smooth advancement opportunities for the respective individuals by virtue of sincerity, hard-work, and uniqueness of presentation.

Technical Writing Duties and Responsibilities

The technical writing career demands the execution of the following duties and responsibilities:

  • A technical writer has to possess thorough knowledge of the technical concepts of the specific project being worked upon, along with clear understanding of the technical jargons and terminologies.
  • Technical writing does not simply contain reporting the technical aspects in some orderly manner; it requires perfect presentation of technical records as well as ideas. Hence the individual involved in the task must have the ability to present the writing in the required format.
  • Technical writers have to analyze the target audience properly and frame the written piece accordingly. The purpose of writing must also be understood clearly prior to preparing the material.
  • It is important for a technical writer to understand new ideas and concepts introduced in the respective field of work and prepare articles likewise.
  • Technical writing does not only involve proper arrangement of the facts and figures, it is also necessary for the words to have clarity of expression and reach out to all in the true sense of the terms.
  • Technical writing does not always include paperwork; it may have to be prepared for some audio or audio-visual presentation – for which the material has to be framed in the desired pattern.

Technical Writing Skills and Specification

The particular skills and specification to be possessed by a technical writer are:

  • Proper understanding of technical concepts
  • Ability to express ideas, views, and collected facts and figures
  • Written, verbal, and communicative skills – the candidate must have strong hold on language(s)
  • Analytical skills and ability to observe trends
  • Knowledge of science, mathematics, and statistics; and information regarding current technical issues

Technical Writing Education and Qualification

A technical writing career personnel needs to fulfill the following education and qualification requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in any technical field or journalism
  • Certification in some particular course related to technical writing

Technical Writing Salary

A career in technical writing guarantees an average annual salary of $64,000 – $70,000.