Technical Writing Profile and Description

Technical writing is a field of writing which deals with technical matters ranging from equipment manuals, machinery details to appendices and operating and maintenance instructions. Any person who works in the field of technical writing is known as a technical writer and is required to follow instructions of the client to present them with desired technical content. There are various types of fields within technical writing and the writer may or may not be specialized in one of the fields.

Technical Writing Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the major duties and responsibilities of an individual who is working as a technical writer:

  • A technical writer must organize the content and material and complete the given writing assignment or project within the given deadline period.
  • He/she may be required to maintain and prepare records such as files, manuals etc.
  •  A technical writer is also required to proof read and edit content written by other technical writers.
  • He/she may be required to design flow charts etc.

Technical Writing Skills and Specifications

The following are the various skills required from a technical writer:

  • He should be an expert reader and must have exceptional writing skills.
  • A technical writer must be an excellent time manager and should utilize the given time in the most profitable way.
  • Quick learning and ability to interpret data are the other skills required.
  • Coordination, critical thinking and operational analysis skills are also required from a technical writer.

Technical Writing Education and Qualifications

Here are the educational requirements of a technical writer:

  • A technical writer must have exceptional control and hold over the language in which he/she is writing.
  • He/she must be comfortable with working on computer systems.
  • He/she may be required to take up technical writing training programs.

Technical Writing Salary

The average median salary of a technical writer is $51000.