Geologist Profile and Description

A geologist is an individual who has acquired the knowledge and expertise to study and conduct research on the earth’s structure, crust, composition etc. Geologists study rocks, minerals as well as fossils so as to find the processes that the earth’s crust must have undergone to result in the present conditions. Geologists apply mathematics, science, chemistry and physics to interpret existing data. Let’s find out more about the career of a geologist.

Geologist Duties and Responsibilities

A geologist may have to perform a number of duties and tasks. Given in the following lines are a few of the duties of a geologist:

  • A geologist studies and interprets the available data and information and tries to find out the connection between these findings.
  • A geologist is responsible for attending conferences, meetings etc with other geologists.
  • They apply applied software for the assessment of the geological data.
  • They use equipments like gravimeters; torsion balances etc to measure the characteristics of earth’s crust.

Geologist Skills and Specifications

The following are a few of the skills possessed by a geologist:

  • A geologist must have good oral and written communication skills and the power of critical thinking.
  • They must have an analytical mind and should be able to interpret data by being observant, dedicated and hardworking.
  • Complex problem solving ability and decision making are the other skills required.

Geologist Education and Qualifications

The following educational qualifications are required by a person who wants to be a geologist:

  • Bachelor’s degree in geology is a must for anyone who wants to be a geologist.
  • Courses in subjects like mineralogy, thermal physics etc can also prove to be useful for aspiring geologists.
  • Some states might require geologists to be registered or certified as well.

Geologist Salary

On an average, a geologist earns about $84000 in a year.