Computer consultant Job Profile and Description

In today’s world, almost all companies have computerised all or a part of their operations, and in such a situation, the need for computer consultants arises. Consultants may be hired independently or on a contract basis. They give advice on the technical needs of the company like setting up the technical infrastructure, security systems, designing websites, conducting training classes. Computer consultants can be software programmers, hardware system installers, networking specialists, systems analysts, or a combination of the above.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Computer consultants are responsible for the application of system analysis techniques and procedures and have to consult with users to determine their hardware, software or system specifications
  • They must attend training sessions and be ready for sessions instruction
  • They need to coordinate and implement instructions in an organised and professional manner
  • They have to develop and maintain relations with clients in business community
  • They also have to invite new clients by explaining and marketing program and classes to potential clients
  • They must help I troubleshooting and may have to personally go there or solve problems by answering the telephone
  • They promote programs and services through workshops, conventions, public relations etc

Skills and Specifications

  • Computer consultants need to have good communication skills so that they can understand their clients’ needs and explain their suggestions in a simple manner
  • They must be able to work in a team
  • Networking skills are also helpful
  • Thorough knowledge of technical matters is required
  • They must have good interpersonal skills and interact with customers in a cordial way

Education and Qualifications

Those interested in this field must have bachelor’s degree in computer science, data processing or engineering. They must have a background in math, science and should have knowledge of the latest software applications and programs required in this line of work.