Environment consultant Job Profile and Description

An environmental consultant addresses a variety of environmental issues for his clients depending on the project he is working for. He has to make assessments of the air, land and water and see to it that the company’s actions wouldn’t contaminate the environment. They conduct environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, waste management, and offer solutions to maintain the ecological balance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Environment consultants need to monitor new environmental legislation and policies
  • They study and consider the implications of any legislation on the client or company
  • They give suggestions and consider the environmental impact of any new project proposed by the client, especially those dealing with chemicals and nuclear matter
  • Consultants carry out computer simulations and modeling to forecast any possible environmental problem
  • They also need to carry out environmental impact tests on the site of the project
  • Based on their findings, they need to submit reports along with their suggestions
  • They have to study and research ways of reducing environmental damage at the same time help the company maintain profits

Skills and Specifications

  • Environment consultants must have god research skills and practical skills to carry out tests on site
  • They should be able to handle and calibrate equipment
  • They must be adaptable and must have an analytical approach to work
  • Good written and verbal communication skills are also important
  • They should be able to motivate people to accept change
  • Teamwork and leadership are also required to work successfully
  • They also need to act tactfully and diplomatically while dealing with the companies and the government

Education and Qualifications

One needs to possess a master’s doctoral degree in environment science or need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in this field. Courses in geology, geography, ecology, environmental engineering and management are good for this line of work.