Fashion consultant Job Profile and Description

Fashion consultants are very much in demand nowadays as their opinions are sought by individuals, especially the ones in show business. A fashion consultant gives suggestions to a client on how to highlight or improve his or her wardrobe for a specific occasion or purpose. There are two broad categories of fashion consultants: First, they share their expertise with companies or organisations and help create a clothing line which is part of the company’s identity package; second, they help individual persons get a makeover.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The fashion consultant’s advice may be asked for help in making a business wardrobe
  • According to the demands of the company, he chooses suitable colors and designs to make uniforms for the company
  • Fashion consultants are hired by non-profit organisations to make a wardrobe for underprivileged people who cannot afford the services of a stylist
  • They choose the clothes, makeup, accessories, hairstyle and shoes depending on the figure of the client and the occasion
  • They help select clothes etc required during photo shoots, fashion shows and other events
  • They give their assistance in closet organization and classification of clothes depending on the clients preferences and requirements
  • High-profile department stores also hire fashion stylists, besides sales persons, who help the customers choose clothes

Skills and Specifications

  • A fashion consultant must keep himself up to date on the latest trends in the fashion industry
  • He needs to have a good understanding of clothes and fashion
  • He must not impose his views on the client but must be sensitive to the client’s comfort level, culture and likes and dislikes

Education and Qualifications

Fashion consulting is a part of fashion merchandising and designing and one can go for courses in these fields. One can also pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics, sociology, business management etc.