Construction, Building and Electrical Inspection Profile and Description

Inspection specialists can be of different types- from building Inspectors, electrical Inspectors to home Inspectors, mechanical Inspectors etc. These inspection specialists have the task of ensuring the safety of the building and its related environment. These Inspectors evaluate and inspect the entire building systems, highways. They also repair dam and water structures keeping the entire construction system in compliance with the national building and zoning regulations pertaining to construction and building.

Construction, Building and Electrical Inspection Duties And Responsibilities

  • Inspecting sites and spending much time reading blueprints in order to develop a better idea about the entire concept.
  • Writing and submitting of reports and scheduling the inspections that needs to be carried out.
  • Practicing safety in accordance to national standards by wearing the proper gears needed at work locations.
  • Responding to safety concerns in order to maintain the construction, building and electrical work in proper shape.

Construction, Building and Electrical Inspection Skills and Specifications

  • Good knowledge of science and drawings
  • Basic or advanced math skills, knowledge of design, chemistry and physics principles
  • Ability to work with different building materials and machines
  • Ability to operate the a variety of simple and complex tools
  • Great supervisory skills

Construction, Building and Electrical Inspection Education and Qualifications

  • Construction, Building, and Electrical Inspectors need to be certified in their fields of knowledge.
  • They need to finish high school and clear a national examination.

Construction, Building and Electrical Inspection Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for construction and building inspectors is something around $70,180. However, the wages often fluctuate in relation to the state, the industry in which they are working etc.