Contractor Job Profile and Description

A contractor is a person in the construction industry who is hired by an entity to provide them with labor and materials that are needed in the construction of a project. He has the responsibility to plan, develop and coordinate the project construction process. He oversees the project and ensures that it is successfully completed within the estimated time. He does this under the guidance of an agreement that is legally binding and has to complete the project as per the stipulated conditions. He must have satisfied the board with his license and experience as well as his successful completion of previous projects. He is bid upon by the entity on the basis of his charges in terms of the total cost of completing the building with labor and material being inclusive.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Submitting tenders to entities for a possible contract
  • Interpreting the clients plan to understand the construction idea
  • Giving recommendations to correct or improve the building plan
  • Seeking approval for the construction from the local authorities
  • Drawing a budget for all the required materials and sourcing for them
  • Applying for loans to finance the project in purchase of building materials and wages
  • Performing the construction personally work if need be
  • Recruiting and hiring qualified subcontractors who will aid in the construction process
  • Supervising the work being done by the craftsmen
  • Monitoring the quality of the construction work in progress
  • Advising the craftsmen accordingly and giving recommendations
  • Liaising between the entity and the craftsmen on issues of concern
  • Submitting the construction materials for approval from by the consulting engineer
  • Ensuring that the project is completed within the stated time frame
  • Preparing account records for his subcontractors and ensuring that they receive their dues on time

Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to submit bids
  • Ability to estimate the quotes fairly
  • Ability to manage and meet deadlines

Education and Qualifications

High School Diploma

A degree in Project Planning and Management