Project Manager Job Profile and Description

The job of a project manager involves working in the expansive field of project management. Their job description mainly entails the planning, the actual execution and successful completion of any given project. Projects that project managers work on range from computer networking, software development, building and construction projects as well as architectural projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A project manager should be accountable for accomplishing the stated project objectives within the stipulated time period of any particular project
  • Creating clear and attainable project objectives that are within the company’s affordability.
  • Ensuring that all the project requirements are taken care of; at the same time he ensures that the three constraints (quality, cost as well as time) that face every project are properly managed
  • Often times a project manager will find themselves acting as a customer representative and as such they have to make sure they meet the needs of the client depending on their understanding of the firm they are working for.
  • Project managers are also often times tasked with the role of arranging for and seeing to it that trade shows are carried out well. This includes but not limited to supervising or managing other staff involved in the trade show.
  • They are expected to properly manage time and budgets that are set aside for the success of any given project.
  • Involved in the recruitment of new staff that are required in the successful completion of any one project.
  • A project manager works and liaises with outside vendors to make sure that all the materials needed for a any given project are availed at the right time.
  • The task of making all the necessary travel arrangements is also vested on the project manager. This includes securing hotel and meeting rooms if needed in a given project.
  • For any given project to succeed the people working on the project need proper training. It is the work of the project manager to ensure that these people get the all the necessary training.
  • Working with the stakeholders of the project in question to ensure that they are adequately informed on the project’s progress.

Skills and Specifications

  • To be a successful project manager one should be in a position to easily blend/weave into the internal workings of the representatives that have been nominated to work with the manager.
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is needed for you to work as a project manager.
  • An advanced degree ups your chances of getting even better contracts.

Education and Qualifications

High School Diploma

Degree in Project Management