Corporate legal associate job description and profile

Corporate legal associates are the people who do a lot of ground work regarding a case on the instructions of the chief lawyer or attorney. They speed up the process of case preparations by collecting and verifying evidence, finding out legal procures specific to the case and looking up previous cases that are similar reference.  In corporate offices, corporate legal associates work in conjunction with chief lawyers to set forth all legal corporate work such as formulation of contracts, legal documents, partnership forms, legal implications of mergers and many other operations. Their place in the company hierarchy is between lawyers and assistant lawyers.

Corporate legal associate duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting corporate lawyers in preparing corporate documents for meetings and hearings
  • Assisting lawyers in evaluating the authenticity of data or evidence collected by investigating
  • Documenting all legal proceedings with regard to corporate operations
  • Archiving contracts and deals in an organized manner
  • Ensuring that all the groundwork is done to precision before the lawyer begins discussions
  • Looking up relevant references to help lawyers formulate effective corporate contracts
  • Provide useful inputs in all corporate legal matters
  • Ensuring that the corporation is working within legal regulations and making sure that permits and license are regularly renewed and valid

Corporate legal associate skills and specifications

  • Sound knowledge about corporate law
  • Sound knowledge about court room practices
  • Excellent observation and analytical abilities
  • Good communication abilities
  • Ability to undertake research about various corporate legal matters
  • Ability to work as a team and towards solving the case
  • Ability to keep up with latest amendments in corporate law
  • Ability to work beyond normal office hours
  • Ability to learn on the job
  • Excellent writing skills

Corporate legal associate education and qualification

  • Degree in paralegal studies with specialization in corporate law is essential
  • Certification from the bar council is required

Corporate legal associate salary

  • Salary of a corporate legal associate ranges between $30,000 to $80,000 depending on the company and experience