Volunteer legal intern job description and profile

The job of a volunteer intern is to assist lawyers and attorneys in various functions and operations. Law students take up voluntary internship to gain experience in a specific field of law such as civil law, criminal law or family law. Interns follow orders given by seniors and accompany them to courthouses and meetings as per requirements. Interns are usually allotted to law officer assistants or associate law officers.

Volunteer legal intern duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting senior lawyers various legal activities
  • Following orders to the letter and finishing allotted work on time
  • Understanding various practical aspects of law and putting them into practice
  • Getting reports typed, getting printouts, proofreading typed documents and other such functions
  • May also have to do certain clerical functions such as fetching forms and making copies
  • Accompanying lawyers to courthouses and assisting in various courtroom functions
  • Accompanying lawyers to various places on work such as other companies and meetings with clients
  • Assisting lawyers in drafting legal documents
  • Answering phone calls on behalf of the lawyers and taking down important information
  • Researching cases as per instructions
  • Writing rough drafts or other legal write ups

Volunteer legal intern skills and specifications

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent observation and grasping ability
  • Ability to learn and remember all aspects of practical law work
  • Sound knowledge about law and legal procedures
  • Ability to follow orders precisely and deliver work on time
  • Must be a good tam player
  • A strong drive and dedication to learn
  • Good problem solving skills

Volunteer legal intern education and qualification

  • College degree in law from an accredited and recognized institute is essential

Volunteer legal intern salary

  • Salary of a voluntary legal intern is not fixed and depends on the company
  • Usually, it begins from $20,000 and may go up to $50,000 per annum