Staff attorney job description and profile

A staff attorney is a lawyer who is employed by a company full-time rather than hiring him only in times of crisis. Staff attorneys usually provide legal services to just one company although many staff attorneys do service more than one company if they can manage their time. The basic prerequisite is to provide full-time services to a company and be available in times of problems. They take care of all legal aspects of a company such as reviewing contracts to filing litigations.

Staff attorney duties and responsibilities

  • Reviewing all legal documents and contracts of the company and ensuring that the terms and conditions are in favor of the company while being fair to the other party
  • Advising the management on legal aspects such as real estate dealings, merger bids, takeover plans and forming partnerships
  • Drafting all required legal documents
  • Ensuring that the rights of the company are protected under all circumstances
  • Ensuring that no activity of the company becomes liable to legal litigations
  • Forming a liaison between the company and its clients and between the company and its partners
  • Representing the company in meetings with banks and other financial institutions
  • Preparing reports for presentation in company internal meetings and stockholder meetings
  • Ensuring that the working practices in the company are as per law and regulations
  • Helping policy makers of the company formulate correct plans and strategies by providing input regarding legal implications of the plans
  • Ensuring that all contracts, agreements and tax details are regularly updates

Staff attorney skills and responsibilities

  • Excellent knowledge about law in general and corporate law in particular
  • Excellent observation, analytical and decision making skills
  • Ability to think ahead and make decisions accordingly
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Must be highly precise and meticulous in working
  • Must have the ability to influence the company and keep it from making wrong moves

Staff attorney education and qualification

  • College law degree with experience in handling corporate legal work for at least five years is required

Staff attorney salary

  • Salary ranges from $120,000 and $165,000 with national median salary being $145,000 per annum.