Divorce & Family Lawyer Job Profile and Description

Divorce and Family Lawyers are those attorneys who specialize in the field of terminating the marriages and solving family related issues. These professionals also operate the process of dividing marital assets and also the custody arrangements when the couple has children. Divorce and family attorneys often function as mediators who are like the unbiased professionals for assisting both the parties.

Divorce & Family Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Protecting the rights of the clients and making the legal recommendations in such way in order to best suit the interests of the clients.
  • Advising the clients, interpreting the rules, determining the possible results by studying the legal precedents.
  • Developing strategies and scrutinizing the findings.
  • Researching and gathering of information in order to establish a case.
  • Negotiating with the lawyer of the opposing party for resolving the pending issues.
  • Carrying out the draft alimony, agreements of the custody for writing and filing out the file motions the behalf of the client.
  • Litigating in the court when both the parties fail to reach any agreeable arrangement.

Divorce & Family Lawyer Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge about the rules that are into this specialization.
  • Ability to advice and counsel people efficiently
  • Persuasiveness
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Strong grasp over oratory methods
  • Great analytical skills
  • High observational and memorization skills

Divorce & Family Lawyer Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputed law school along with courses like history, political science, economics, and social science is highly essential
  • Previous practice experience under the senior lawyers in the criminal law related cases would be an added advantage.

Divorce & Family Lawyer Salary

The median remuneration for the divorce and family lawyer is $110,590 per annum. However, their income would greatly vary depending on the nature of the case they take up and the experience of the professional.