Lab Director Job Profile and Description

The lab director is entrusted with the responsibility to administer the daily scientific and technical operations in a clinical environment. These include the examination of data, creation of reports, management of staff and also liaising with the external and internal clients.

A lab director, additionally, ensures that the lab facility operates as per the regulatory provisions of the government and the organization.

Lab Director Duties and Responsibilities

Typical duties and responsibilities that a lab director has to discharge comprise the following:


  • Leading, formulating and implementing strategic vision for further increasing the value of the lab programs and mission that impact the regional and national needs.
  • Leading the facility through significant challenges.
  • Identifying and funding the programs for sustaining the lab, including investments in infrastructure upgrades and new science facilities.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining the highest quality of managerial and scientific leadership for ensuring a diverse talent pipeline.
  • Setting expectations towards institutional priorities, outcomes and performance.
  • Leading implementation and formulation of infrastructural improvement strategies.
  • Managing the financial performance of the lab and also identifying and implementing the appropriate strategies for reducing costs and improving the quality of services.

Lab Director Skills and Specifications

Some of the core skills and specifications that a lab director must have include the following:

  • Excellent executive presence including strong communication skills and demonstrated ability for motivating and inspiring others to action.
  • Ability to forge a successful interaction with the key constituents that includes customers and governments and business partners and peers.
  • Recording the development of industrial relationship for advanced technological deployment and development.
  • Working knowledge of industrial and commercial practices in partnering and advanced research.
  • Demonstrated commitment for diversifying, leadership and staff development.
  • Demonstrated ability for achieving an excellence in operations including security, safety, information systems management, financial operations, facility management and environmental management.
  • Skilled in implementing and communicating strategic direction and organizational vision.
  • Ability for gaining staff confidence and trust.

Lab Director Education and Qualification

Common educational qualifications required from a lab director are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in medical technology.
  • Relevant federal certification.
  • At least five years’ of experience in laboratory management.
  • Experience in growing and expanding a laboratory is a must.

Lab Director Salary

A lab director can command an annual average salary of $91,470. In some cases, a lab director may not be a candidate from the medical fraternity.