Finance Reporting Manager Job Profile and Description

A finance reporting manager, as the job title clearly implies, is an individual who prepares and manages finance reports for a particular firm or company. The professional has to maintain thorough records of finances and policies that are related to the particular field of work. A finance reporting manager has to report to the top-most authorities regarding the execution of financial strategies in a proper manner and provide authentic details of execution.

The job profile of a finance reporting manager comprises of activities such as preparing monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly reports and financial statements, taxation policies, accounting principles and procedures, and such other issues and topics that are related to management of finances.

Finance Reporting Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The first and foremost duty of a finance reporting manager would be to provide managerial services in all areas and departments dealing with finances and their effective reporting to respective authorities.
  • A finance reporting manager must coordinate and manage events that are conducted in accordance with the company policies and/or objectives to meet the financial requirements.
  • Being a manager by position, the individual has to supervise all other financial activities of the company and keep a record of each and every financial transaction as soon as it is incurred.
  • The finance reporting manager will need to administer the authenticity of the documents related to finance and other indirect areas that affect the company finance.
  • A finance reporting manager has to keep a tab on all the aspects of finance that are being used for the company and/or its clients.
  • The general accounting books, trial and balance, balance sheet, cash-flow statements, etc are being prepared by finance department members and the finance reporting manager is responsible for its proper inclusion on the company looks.

Finance Reporting Manager Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by a finance reporting manager include:

  • Mathematical skills and reasoning abilities
  • Strong knowledge of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles [GAAP]
  • Interpersonal skills

Finance Reporting Manager Education and Qualification

The finance reporting manager needs to possess the following education and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or other related fields of study
  • Practical experiences gathered as part of on-job training – from a registered training institute is necessary.
  • Specialization or Master’s in related areas of study may offer better job opportunities as a finance reporting manager.

Finance Reporting Manager Salary

A finance reporting manager, on an average, earns a salary of $80,000 – $1, 00,000 annually.