Diet & Nutrition Consultant Job Profile and Description

Diet and nutrition consultant is concerned with planning of food and nutrition programs that create awareness among clients and enable them to stay fit. They recommend diet modifications to prevent disease and health illness. A diet & nutrition consultant is appointed in fitness centres, health care institutions and some of hospitals to serve people with best meal habits.

Duties and Responsibilities

?        He has to promote healthy diet and awareness about health diet to keep people fit.

?        He has to plan new health and diet programs which make people conscious about fibres, health supplements and important vitamins.

?        A diet & nutrition consultant has to suggest the budget for purchasing associated food products and to handle advertisement of newly introduced diet plans.

?        He has to present different diet plans for children, ladies, men and old people according to their health degree.

?        He has to take care of various diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and kidney diseases while providing the diet plans.

?        He has to suggest appropriate food habits to people who are suffering from excessive body fat and overweight.

?          He has to research on newly introduced diet products and purchase required stock


Skills and Specifications

?        He should be able to understand the problems of patients and clients and must be able to suggest suitable diet and nutrition plan.

?        He must have excellent knowledge of different diseases and risks associated with such diseases.

?        He should be able to prepare reports on budget, availability of stock and client or patient history.

?        He must be able to review the history and previous health reports.

?        He should be aware about nutrition, fitness supplements and exercises required with diet.

Education and Qualifications

A diet & nutrition consultant should be a graduate with biology stream and he should have done diet & nutrition courses from reputed institution. To work on senior level, he must have master’s degree in biology or diet and nutrition stream.