Publicity Consultant Job Profile and Description

A Publicity Consultant is a professional who engages in promoting or creating good-will for companies, groups or individuals among prospective consumers and hence create more favorable business opportunities. He may create favorable publicity material and publish them via various avenues of communication media. He may also prepare marketing plans which directly approach the customer’s e.g., displays, message boards, speeches.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Publicity Consultant plans and executes promotion/public relations activities at Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly levels.
  • He has to carefully manage cost control.
  • He has to identify and facilitate media interaction.
  • He has to plan and execute Press Conferences, including logistics, media planning, post event reporting and ensure attendance at events.
  • He has to prepare press releases and disseminate the same.
  • He needs to actively liaise with clients/customers.

Skills and Specifications

  • A Publicity Consultant needs to have excellent communication skills and must proficiently interact with people from the corporate world as well as media.
  • He must be able to think out of the box and formulate innovative ways to promote his clients.
  • He must be aware all possible avenues of communication as well as search for newer ones which may include paid mediums such as advertisements or unpaid mediums like social sites, blogging etc.
  • He must be a creative person and must be able to co-ordinate with a range of professionals which may include artists.
  • He needs to be a man of commitment and should have a good ability to predict people’s reactions.

Education and Qualifications

A Publicity Consultant is usually required to have a bachelor’s or higher degree in marketing, public relations, mass communications and other related courses. Any other additional degree or diploma in marketing, management or related field will provide an edge over the others.