Legal Consultant Job Profile & Description

A Legal Consultant is someone who provides legal services to business entities in a variety of arrangements ranging from identifying, solving and preventing legal issues. Usually, a legal consultant specializes in a certain area, such as banking, contract, employment, intellectual property, trust, tax, real estate, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Legal Consultant looks after all the legal requirements of the business entities that have been assigned to him by the legal firm.

  • He helps business entities reach certain legal goals that they have envisioned for themselves.
  • He solves existing legal issues of business entities.
  • He also identifies matters that may require legal advocacy as well as prevents further cropping of legal issues.
  • He works like an attorney but limits his services to business entities which will require his expertise in his area of specialization.
  • He also co – ordinates and oversees the legal needs of the client.
  • He is also involved in planning, research, training, and evaluation, analysis, reporting and problem – solving.

Skills and Specifications

  • A Legal Consultant should have good verbal and written communication skills.
  • He must have very good interpersonal skills and he should easily be able to gain the confidence of his clients.
  • He should have the self – confidence of speaking in front of the senior management of the organization he is servicing.
  • Very good analyzing and problem – solving skills are a must for this profession.
  • He should be able to work for long hours and under high pressure.
  • He must have the discretion to maintain client – attorney confidentiality faithfully.

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in law is the basic education qualification required to become a legal consultant. Further, a master’s degree in law and/or an MBA is also helpful in getting established in this profession.