Lawyer assistant manager job description and profile

A lawyer assistant manager is a legal staff who directly reports to and assists the legal manager of a company. He undertakes several functions such preparation of legal documents and laying groundwork for legal proceedings in courtrooms. His job is to make sure that all the data that the manager receives is free of errors and complete in all respects so that the manager can make accurate decisions. Lawyer assistant manager also interacts with clients.

Lawyer assistant manager duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting the legal manager in all legal matters
  • Drafting legal documents as per instructions of legal manager
  • Interacts with clients and gathers required information
  • Informing clients about legal proceedings and all the stipulations involved
  • Undertake legal research about the case in question
  • Work in collaboration with other assistant managers and associate lawyers
  • Exhibit good team spirit and get all the work done on time
  • Filing papers in the courthouse, in case of lawsuits
  • Ensuring that partners and other companies who do business with the company receive benefits as mentioned in the contract
  • Regularly upgrade knowledge about corporate law and new amendments that have been implemented

Lawyer assistant manager skills and specifications

  • Excellent knowledge about various legal aspects regarding the field of work
  • Sound knowledge about courtroom procedures
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Sound negotiation abilities
  • Sound problem solving skills
  • Keen eye for detail and good observation skills
  • Ability to look through contracts and evaluate implications of all clauses mentioned
  • Must be highly precise and meticulous in work

Lawyer assistant manager education and qualification

  • College law degree from a recognized institute is required
  • Experience of work as junior officer and legal trainee is required

Lawyer assistant manager salary

  • Legal assistants earn between $40,000 and $90,000 per annum