Nanotechnology Job Profile and Description

Nanotechnology involves the study of nanoscale materials and it covers a wide variety of engineering industries. Nanotechnology has paved way for a lot of job positions ranging from technicians to research scientists. Professionals working in the field of nanotechnology work with materials of dimensions that are less than 100 nanometres.

Medical technicians and scientist employ nanotechnology to treat patients who are affected by cellular damage and also to provide potential cures. Nanotechnology is used in a variety of fields such as food science, engineering and medicine.

Nanotechnology Duties and Responsibilities

  • Food scientists employ nanotechnology throughout the stages of food production and processing and also to ensure quality.
  • Food scientists also perform research in the field to find out ways to keep the food fresher for longer period of time.
  • Manufacturers employ nano particles to avoid contamination of consumables by bacteria.
  • Mechanical engineers employ nano technology for the manufacturing of products for military and pharmaceutical industries.

Nanotechnology Skills and Specifications

  • Need good knowledge in the field of nano-technology.
  • Must be an expert in working with nano sized materials.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team and find out resolutions for problems.
  • Need good problem solving skills and strong willingness to learn continuously.
  • Sound knowledge in the principles of engineering.

Nanotechnology Education and Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or chemical engineering.
  • Courses in nanotechnology like nano technology safety and fabrication can be taken by candidates.
  • Doctorate is required to find employment in the field of nano technology.
  • Candidates can complete nanotechnology internships as part of their associate programs.

Nanotechnology Salary

The average annual income of professionals in nanotechnology is found to be between $77,400 and $121,900. Nanotechnology is used in a variety of fields and thus creating many more job opportunities.