Foreman job description and profile

A foreman is like a manager of workers at construction site and reports to the supervisor. He ensures that construction workers are doing their job efficiently and that the construction is being carried out as per plan. He also keeps a check on the materials and ensures the safety of the construction site.

Foreman job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a foreman are:

  • Ensuring that workers are carrying on work as per schedule
  • Checking on the work schedule with construction supervisor
  • Allotting responsibilities to workers based on their skills and giving clear orders
  • Ensuring that safety precautions are implemented during construction
  • Dealing with any sort of problems with workers
  • Hiring and firing workers
  • Ensuring quality of work in addition to ensuring schedule
  • Ensuring that rules of the employer are followed
  • Training new workers in different construction works and safety measures
  • Ensuring the safety of tools and equipments used in construction and making sure that they are safely put away after work
  • Motivating workers  to work with higher efficiency and ensuring that the work is completed on time

Foreman skills and specifications

Skills and specifications of a foreman are:

  • Excellent leadership, management, planning and motivation skills
  • Good analysis and observation skills
  • Ability to communicate with workers and managing them with efficiency
  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities
  • Ability to work under high stress situations
  • Tremendous presence of mind in case of accidents
  • A sound knowledge about construction procedures and safety measures
  • Ability to evaluate and understand the capabilities of workers and assign suitable works
  • Excellent time management skills

Foreman education and qualification

One can get a foreman job with a basic high school diploma.

Foreman salary

The median salary of a foreman is $44,000 per annum. It depends on employers and experience of foreman.