Groundskeeper job description and profile

The job of a groundskeeper is to maintain the gardens, driveways and other landscaping elements of the place. He may either be employed in residential enclosures such as communities and apartments, various campuses of education and research or commercial places. His job duties and responsibilities are more than that of a gardener.

Groundskeeper duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a groundskeeper are:

  • Keeping the lawns and grass well manicured
  • Weeding the garden and keeping it immaculate
  • Tending to the plants, trees, shrubs and ensuring their health
  • May or may not have the authority to plant new trees without permission
  • Maintaining the driveways clean of leaves and undertaking pressure cleaning to keep them sparkling
  • Trimming plants and maintaining high aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space
  • Supervising juniors and allocating responsibilities with regard to groundskeeper duties
  • In case there are manmade ponds and birdbaths in the garden, then cleaning them regularly
  • In case there are outdoor seating spaces, then keeping the furniture clean and polished

Groundskeeper skills and specifications

Skills and specifications required for the job of a groundskeeper are:

  • A good knowledge about gardening methods and foliage
  • Must be hardworking
  • Must be able to spend long hours outdoors
  • Must be strong and healthy since the work is of a physical nature and involves lifting weights and working in sun and cold
  • Love and compassion for plants
  • Ability to spot problems and diseases in plants and take up preventive measures
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Good knowledge about machinery and equipments used in groundskeeper job
  • Skill in gardening

Groundskeeper education and qualification

No qualification is required for the job of a groundskeeper although a degree or diploma in horticulture helps. Workers get to learn on the job.

Groundskeeper salary

The salary of groundskeepers range is between $20,000 and $33,000 per annum.