General contractor job profile and description

General contractors ensure that the job at hand is being executed as per schedule, within budgets and with high quality. They are chosen for work based on the tender they submit to the concerned companies.  They are in charge of completion of the project.

General contractor duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a general contractor are:

  • Understanding the nature of work
  • Planning execution schedules and strategies
  • Evaluate the requirements of the work
  • Assemble skilled work force
  • If need be, hire subcontractors to complete parts of the project
  • Prepare estimates and budget for the project
  • Ensuring that all aspects of the project as proceeding as per plan and schedule
  • Ensuring that the project is within the stipulated budget
  • Conduct quality checks to ensure that the workers are adhering to quality specifications
  • Ensuring that safety precautions are employed
  • Keeping records of all stages of the work and updating records

General contractor skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a general contractor are:

  • A sound knowledge about the field of work
  • Sound knowledge about the procedures for application of tenders
  • Ability to adhere to instructions and fulfill the work as per specifications of the client
  • Excellent business acumen
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Good management skills
  • Must be organized in work
  • Ability to comprehensively review work and ensure that all aspects of it are proceeding in the right direction
  • Excellent planning and decision making skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot and provide quick solutions to unexpected problems

General contractor education and qualification

A bachelor’s degree in the respective field of work with a number of years of experience in the same field

General contractors salary

The median salary of a general contractor is $69,000 per annum. They may draw pay packages of up to $120,000 per annum.