GIS Student Job Profile and Description

A GIS student, also known as a geography information systems student is an individual who work with computerized systems in order to collect, store analyze, manipulate and present complex geographical information. They usually work for government sectors and in some cases in commercial sectors. When not working with computerized systems, they may have to work with electronic versions of traditional paper maps and economic as well as social data. The specific work profile of a GIS student varies from one organization to another. Usually they have to produce and analyze data in order to help in the planning process and delivering services or products in areas of defense, oil, gas, water, construction, transport planning retail location, insurance, healthcare and telecom.

GIS Student Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collecting geographical information in order to capture the location of assets like street lights, road barriers, bridges and flood defenses
  • Using GPS tools in order to find the appropriate location of a structure
  • Capturing data in order to convert paper maps into GIS datasets to record appropriate locations of telecom cables
  • Creating structures that  required for the purposing of storing GIS data
  • Maintaining the structures required for storing GIS data
  • Developing tools in order to load and transfer GIS data between various systems
  • Analyzing and presenting geographical information in order to create programs that are required for converting GIS information
  • Developing internet based applications in order to present GIS data as well as tools on various websites
  • Joining together datasets of GIS by using tools and creating patterns for investigation
  • Using population growth figures in order to estimate number of people affected by a natural calamity
  • Estimating increasing demand for school capacity
  • Prediction of buying patterns of individuals

GIS Student Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required for a GIS student are as follows:

  • Excellent surveying skills
  • Good management skills
  • Ability to work with information systems
  • Must have good technical skills
  • Needs to possess calculation skills
  • Must have understanding of economics
  • Excellent written skills is necessary
  • Should have good presentation skills

GIS Student Education and Qualification

The educational qualification require for a GIS student is:

  • Foundation degree in applied geography or applied computing

GIS Student Salary

The average annual salary of a GIS student varies from $30000 to $55000.