Student Financial Aid Job Profile and Description

A student financial aid is an individual who is responsible for giving information to students seeking admission or facing financial problems regarding requirements and procedures of getting financial aid. There may be deserving students who are unable to afford higher education and want to seek admission in a prestigious educational institute. They approach the student financial aid in that particular institute to suggest them ways to get financial support for the course they want to pursue. A student financial aid also has to administer the various types of scholarships and grants available to students in order to pursue a course in the educational institution. A student financial is usually found working in a college, school, university or a prestigious educational institute.

Student Financial Aid Duties and Responsibilities

There are number of duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a student financial aid. These are as follows:

  • Providing information to students regarding requirements and procedures of procuring a financial aid
  • Accepting application forms for financial aid. Then they have to review the forms in order to check for accuracy and completeness of filling up the form
  • Reviewing past academic performance of students, student test scores, transcripts and folders
  • Ensuring that confidentially of all information is maintained
  • Interpreting, applying  and complying for all federal, state and regulations that govern the financial aid procedure of a student
  • Participating in all the financial aid meetings and events
  • Coordinating with the admission team of the institute and also the registrar
  • Administering scholarships, fellowships, grants and student loans
  • Maintaining with companies providing student financial aid
  • Ensuring that students are not charged tuition fees after financial aid is approved

Student Financial Aid Skills and Specifications

The various skills and specifications required for an individual planning to work as astudent financial aid are as follows:

  • Must possess excellent knowledge about various procedures of procuring financial aid
  • Must be understanding in nature
  • Needs to have good analyzing skills
  • Necessary to have excellent communication skill
  • Must have the ability to prioritize information
  • Should have active listening skills

Student Financial Aid Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required for a student financial aid is:

  • Bachelors degree in a related field

Student Financial Aid Salary

The average annual salary of a student financial aid is around $75000.