Pharmacy Student Job Profile and Description

A pharmacy student is an individual who is studying or has completed his education recently in order to pursue a career as a pharmacist. In the position of a pharmacist they usually work in a pharmacy or in the house pharmacy of a hospital or a retail store that has a pharmacy section. They specialize in providing medicines prescribed by the doctors and physicians to the patients coming to the pharmacy. They read out prescription handed over by the patients and provide the medicines mentioned in it. In case a particular medicine is not available a pharmacist may suggest an alternative medicine with similar composition. It is necessary that a pharmacist is aware about the composition of various medicines. The pharmacist also has to keep a track of the stock of medicine in the shop.

Pharmacy Student Duties and Responsibilities

A pharmacy student needs to perform numerous duties and responsibilities while working as a pharmacist. They are follows:

  • Providing medicines to the clients as per their requirement
  • Checking the prescription provided by the patients or their family members and providing those particular medicines
  • Suggest an alternate medicine with similar composition in case a certain medicine is not available
  • Managing the operations of the pharmacy
  • Providing the customer with a bill for the medicines purchased
  • Maintaining records for providing medicine
  • Checking the stock of medicines available and ordering for fresh stock if a medicine is out of stock
  • Answering the queries of the customers regarding a certain medicine
  • Evaluating the strength and purity of a certain medicine
  • Compounding medications by following existing formulas and procedures

Pharmacy Student Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by a pharmacy student in order to become pharmacist are as follows:

  • Must have basic knowledge in the field of medicines
  • Must have the ability to read a prescription
  • Needs to have excellent customer service skills
  • Must be caring in nature
  • Should have excellent active listening skills
  • Must have good coordination skills
  • Possessing good communication skills is necessary

Pharmacy Student Education and Qualification

The degree pursued by a pharmacy student in order to work as a pharmacist is:

  • Bachelors degree in pharmacy or an equivalent subject

Pharmacy Student Salary

The salary of a pharmacist on an average is around $84000 per annum.