Student nurse job description and profile

The job of a student nurse entails involving in patient care as well as minor administration duties. The job is a part of the education of a student nurse. The student nurse may either be finishing the four-year bachelor’s study in nursing or preparing to take a certification exam for a nurses’ license.

Student nurse duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a student nurse are:

  • Following the directions of the head nurse
  • Working in the shifts allotted
  • Bathing and changing patients
  • Assisting patients with other functions like eating and walking
  • Keeping track of the vital signals of the patients like heart rate, body temperature,  and blood pressure
  • Performing medical tests as per the instruction of the doctors
  • Administer injections and start an IV
  • Prepare patients for surgeries
  • Observing and learning from the functions of the senior nurses
  • Should be alert and constantly monitor the health of the patient assigned to them
  • Ensuring that the area surrounding the patient are neat and tidy

Student nurse skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a student nurse are:

  • Good knowledge about nursing procedures
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions
  • Ability to learn from other nurses who are more experienced
  • Excellent observation and analytical skills
  • Excellent ability to manage times
  • Ability to interact with the other nurses and get all queries answered
  • Ability to learn quickly and remember
  • A genuine concern for patient care

Student nurse education and qualification

Nursing is a four-year bachelor’s degree program. A student nurse has to intern in a medical facility after completing the bachelor’s degree. They require the experience of practical work for certification.

Student nurse salary

Student nurses are not paid because they are interns and the work is a part of study.