Research Student Job Profile and Description

A research student is responsible for analyzing, evaluating and executing a research project. The position offers them an opportunity to acquire experience and knowledge in the field of research. Their job includes organizing surveys, collecting and managing data, integration and analysis of data and converting them to useful information. Research student job opportunities are mostly available in various academic institutions and are usually very popular among the students as they not only get hands- on experience in the research field but also it gives them a earning opportunity while they are studying.

Research Student Duties and Responsibilities

There are certain duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a research student:

  • Planning and carrying out surveys in order to gather information.
  • Collecting and entering data in an organized manner.
  • Analyzing and evaluating data and deriving information out of it.
  • Maintaining records and data.
  • Handle and protect confidential data and information with utmost care and integrity.
  • Prepare charts, diagrams and tables to assimilate statistical data.
  • Prepare documents, web pages, graphic presentations, etc in order to store information.

Research Student Skills and specifications

The various skills and specifications required to be possessed by a research student are as follows:

  • Must have good written and oral communication skills
  • Needs to be self-motivated.
  • High personal self-management and organizational skills.
  • Should have good time management skills.
  • Should be flexible.
  • Should be a good team player.
  • Should aim towards professional development.
  • Should have good analytical skills.
  • Should be good in statistics.
  • Should be able to use computer and internet comfortably.
  • Should be very responsible.
  • Capacity to adapt to new software, research methods and work schedules quickly.
  • Should be a resourceful and active person.

Research Student Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required in order to work as a research student are as follows:

  • Any student pursuing an undergraduate degree, graduate or postgraduate degree is eligible for the student research assistant position.
  • The candidate must have basic knowledge in software such as Microsoft Word, Access and Excel, SPSS, and other software packages related to the field of research.

Research Student Salary

Research students are generally paid on an hourly basis. Undergraduate research students receive about $10 per hour, while graduate and undergraduate student researchers get about $15 per hour.