There are many different types of nursing careers which are in high demand all the time. Some of them require general nursing skills while others demand a highly specialized and specific skill set. Some of the types of nursing careers are as follows:

  • CNA Or Certified Nurse Assistants Or RN [Registered Nurses]: CNA nurses can work in a variety of premises like hospitals, homes, hospices, nursing homes and so on. Their chief job is to report the changes in the patient’s condition to the head nurse. RNs have the most flexible skill set of all nurses. They can educate, train and provide guidance to patients and their family members. They can also specialize in a number of areas as per requirement.
  • Nurse Midwife: Such nurses are RNs who have specialized in midwifery. They assist before, during and after delivery and provide guidance on infant and post natal care.
  • CRNA [Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist]: Such nurses are RNs who specialize in anesthetics. They generally have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and two or three years of education and on-field training after that to qualify.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Such nurses are RNs who can almost practice like doctors. They have highly stringent qualifying and registration norms and they can prescribe medicines and treat patients without the supervision of a physician or o doctor.
  • Home Health Nurse: A home health nurse is one who is specially equipped to treat patients at home. She or he supervises the work of CNAs and LPNs.
  • LPN Or Licensed Practical Nurse: Such individuals are more trained that CNAs but less than RNs and so they work under the supervision of an RN. They can work in many different areas of medical care and nursing and generally monitor the health care of patients under their charge