Online courses have changed the phase of the formal education in the world. There is a booming trend for the wide acceptance of online degrees. As a result, there is a huge inflow of registrations to the courses that guarantee jobs.

Because the regular degrees cost dearly and are not affordable to ordinary citizens, people are aiming at the online degrees to pursue careers in the organized sector.

The statistics for various such roles which are expected to be on a rise in the coming five years are as follows:

A Bachelors degree in Nursing along with some experience that suits the level of qualification offers you an annual pay of $39, 000.

A teacher almost draws the same amount with a package of $ 37, 000 per year while an accountant is compensated with $ 67, 000 for the service offered.

A software engineer is paid 55, 000 bucks per annum and a network administrator is paid about $ 60, 000.


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