HVAC Technician Job Profile and Description

An HVAC technician is an individual who is responsible for installation, maintenance and repairing of heaters, refrigerators and air conditioners. They usually look into aspects like heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

They have to look for defects in equipments and repair them. They also have to identify defects in components and wiring and repair or replace them in order to ensure that the components and wiring are in proper working condition.

It is the job of an HVAC technician to look into factors that affect the heating, ventilation and cooling process and finding solutions to solve the problem. They have to tests electrical circuits for continuity. They have to use electrical tests equipments for their work.  They have to ensure that the system compliance is as per plans and specifications.

HVAC Technician Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities required to be followed by an individual working in the position of an HVAC technician. They are as follows:

  • Maintaining and repairing heating systems
  • Installation and maintenance of ventilators
  •  Installation, repairing and maintenance of air conditioners
  • Identifying defects in components as well as wires and finding solutions to solve the defect
  • Testing electrical circuits for continuity
  • Ensuring that all the system compliance is as per plans and specifications
  • Ensuring that all the safety procedures are followed
  • Inspecting various electrical systems used for heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Reassembling required equipments in order to follow repairs
  • Complying  with all the appliance standards
  • Locating local malfunctions

HVAC Technician Skills and Specifications

There are various skills and specifications that an individual needs to possess in order to work in the position of an HVAC technician. They are as follows:

  • Necessary to possess excellent technical skills
  • Must have the ability to identify technical issues
  • Should have complex problem solving skills
  • Ability to work at odd hours
  • Must be focused in nature
  • Good inspection skills is a must
  • Must possess excellent investigation skills

HVAC Technician Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required in order to work as an HVAC technician are as follows:

  • Must complete high school
  • Bachelors degree in electrical engineering
  • Associate program or course for an HVAC technician from a training institute

HVAC Technician Salary

The average salary of an HVAC technician is around $40000 per annum.