Surgical Technician Job Profile and Description

A surgical technician, also known as a surgical technologist is an individual who work along with surgeons, nurse, anesthesiologists and surgical assistants in carrying out surgical procedures in an operation theatre. They look into the technical aspects while the medical procedures are carried out during a surgery.

They also have to prepare patients and the room for the operation. They also have to prepare the surgical equipments beforehand in order to ensure that the surgical procedure is carried out smoothly. It is the duty of the surgical technician to disinfect the equipments and check whether they are in proper working condition. Sometimes a surgical technician has to monitor the vital signs of the patient and observe their status. Lab specimens are usually prepared and disposed by a surgical technician.

Surgical Technician Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a surgical technician are as follows:

  • Passing on the surgical equipments to the surgeon and nurse during an operation procedure in the operating room
  • Preparing the patients for the surgery
  • Ensuring the equipments used for surgery are in proper working condition
  • Disinfecting the equipments before and after surgery and assembling them
  • Monitoring the vital signs of the patient
  • PreparingĀ  as well as disposing lab specimens
  • Keeping track of items like sponges and needles
  • Transporting a patient back to his room after operation
  • Setting the sterile table of the surgeon
  • Making a list of the items that be required during surgery and crosschecking their availability
  • Helping the surgeon and nurses to wear surgical gloves and gowns

Surgical Technician Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required for a surgical technician are as follows:

  • Needs to have excellent coordination skills
  • Must have the ability to be available whenever required
  • Must be flexible in nature
  • Needs to have basic technical skills
  • Must be always patient
  • Needs to be very attentive inĀ  nature
  • Should have active listening skills

Surgical Technician Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required for a surgical technician is:

  • Needs to undergo training accredited training program that is recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education
  • Can pursue a certification or diploma from a vocational school

Surgical Technician Salary

The average annual salary of a surgical technician is $40000 per annum.