Theater Technician Job Profile and Description

A theater technician is an individual who is responsible for operating and performing maintenance of technical equipments as well as systems used in the field of performing arts and in entertainment industry. Their job functions include setting up and operating audio visual equipments like microphones, projectors, speakers, video monitors, video screens, sound and mixing boards, editing console, connecting wires and cables etc.

They also have to manage equipments that are used in sporting events, meetings, seminars, presentations and conferences. Sometimes a theater technician may have to set up equipments like spotlights or other systems for lighting. They also have to perform installation, adjustment of these electronic equipments. They have to ensure that the equipments are in working conditions and in case they need repair he has to inform that to the supervisors.

Theater Technician Duties and Responsibilities

The specific duties of a theater technician depend on the field or setup in which they are working. But in general duties and responsibilities of all types of theater technicians are as follows:

  • Ensuring that the equipments being used are working accurately
  • In case an equipment needs repair, he has to inform that to the supervisor
  • Installing, adjusting and operating electronic equipments for the purpose of recording, editing and transmitting radio as well  as television programs
  • Running the projector in a film theater for the screening of a film
  • Ensuring that the equipments and projector are working properly in a video conference, presentation or a seminar
  • Putting up spotlights during a stage performance
  • Checking the attachment of cables and wires during a live program
  • Designing layouts of audio visual equipments
  • Maintaining inventory of the audio visual equipments
  • Locating and securing settings
  • Organizing and maintaining compliance
  • Planning and developing ideas for smooth execution

Theater Technician Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by an individual working as a theater technician are as follows:

  • Must have technical knowledge
  • Ability to do multi tasking
  • Ability to do accurate assessment
  • Needs to have good monitoring skills
  • Must have active listening skills
  • Ability to do critical thinking

Theater Technician Education and Qualification

The educational qualification of a theater technician depends on the exact field in which he is working. Some of the qualifications required are:

  • Degree in journalism and communication
  • Degree in video technology

Theater Technician Salary

The average annual salary of a theater technician is around $44000.