Hygienist Job Profile and Description

A Hygienist or a dental hygienist is a person who is responsible for removing tartar and plaque etc from the teeth of the patients and providing them tips for overall dental hygiene. A hygienist works under a dentist and helps dentists in the promotion of oral wellbeing and hygiene. To know about the career of a hygienist or a dental hygienist, you can refer to the following given information:

Hygienist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a hygienist are given as follows:

  • A hygienist is responsible for removing the soft as well as hard deposits from teeth.
  • They are responsible for polishing of the teeth and removing stains and plaque etc.
  • It is the duty of a hygienist to promote dental and oral hygiene by giving suggestions and tips to the patients.
  • They also need to check for any dental abnormalities in the patients.

Hygienist Skills and Specifications

The following skills and specifications are required by a hygienist.

  • A hygienist must have a steady hand and a firm grip while working on the teeth of the patients.
  • A hygienist must himself be hygienic and should maintain good dental health and hygiene to set a good example in front of the patients.
  • They must be hardworking and dedicated.

Hygienist Education and Qualification

The education and qualifications of a hygienist are as follows:

  • A hygienist mainly requires an associate degree or at least a certificate which makes them suitable for the job.
  • A graduation degree in medicine or dental health is also a preferred choice for many.
  • A hygienist must pass an exam which is conducted by the dental association, by passing which the license for practice is obtained.

Hygienist Salary

On an average, a hygienist earns somewhere around $64000 in a year.